Flaywer is back: More base-flavors, Better availability, More attractive prices.

Summer is coming to an end and as promised we are back! We are pleased to introduce our new concept.

Short version:

  • Back to the roots: More than 1000 basic flavours from TPA, Capella, Flavor West, Flavorah, Delishus and Super Aromas
  • More bottle sizes: Depending on manufacturer, sizes between 10ml and 5000ml
  • No own bottling / re-filling: We only stock original bottles
  • Better prices: Larger bottles -> more attractive flavour prices
  • Everything is always available: We no longer store flavours - everything is imported fresh for you and is always available
  • The catch: this extends our delivery time to 3-4 weeks!

Wider range of basic flavours and two new brands:

We focus more on our core concept we started with 9 years ago: a large number of base flavours at attractive prices.

Our selection of TPA / TFA, Capella, FlavorWest and Flavorah is bigger than ever with 253 TPA flavours, 338 FlavorWest flavours, 143 Capella flavours and 94 flavours from Flavorah. Plus 100 new flavours from Sobucky's Super Aromas series and 96 incredibly delicious flavours from Delishus. We are especially excited about Delishus. Other basic flavours are in the pipeline.

Waaaay more bottle sizes:
From now on, you will find far more bottle sizes in our shop, than before, so you can finally get your favourite aromas without having to buy 10ml bottles all the time. Over 1000 flavours in sizes between 10ml and 5000ml (depending on the manufacturer). Enough to make any diy's heart beat faster.

All original bottles:
We don't do re-bottling anymore. Unfortunately, this means that some small sizes can no longer be offered or are a little more expensive relatively. Unfortunately this is unavoidable, because it is always cheaper to re-bottle small sizes. Conversely, this means that all flavours in all sizes you receive from us are original bottlings from the manufacturer.

More attractive prices:
Our realignment makes flavour prices possible that were previously unthinkable. Of course, the larger the bottle size, the cheaper it gets.

Stable availability:
In the past availability regularly was an issue. In our new concept, all flavours are always available for order. Flavours / bottle sizes beeing sold out for months are now a thing of the past.

What is the catch? How is the new procedure?
In order to be able to offer you all this, we have completely changed our company concept. We store no / very few flavours. Instead, the flavours are imported directly from the manufacturer. That means, you choose in our shop which flavour, in which size and how many bottles you want, the manufacturer produces it and we import it afterwards for you and send it to you. This way, the aromas you receive will be as fresh as never before!

The catch: More choices, cheaper prices, original bottles and fresher flavours imported according to your needs mean a longer delivery time. Unlike before, we will not be able to handle orders within 1-2 business days, but require a processing time of 3-4 weeks!

Everything is speeding up and Flaywer is slowing down?
We know that with our new concept we are going completely against the spirit of the time, where everything should always be available faster and preferably immediately, and same-day delivery or even better 30-minute deliveries are promised. We consciously chose another way and understand that for many customers this makes Flaywer uninteresting.

But if you have patience / are planning for the long term anyway / or are simply convinced that anticipation is the best joy, we offer you a huge selection of flavours in many different bottle sizes, freshly imported from the manufacturer and all this in original bottles at attractive prices.

No question: Order processing will take much longer than you are used to with us. We currently expect a delivery time of 3-4 weeks.

Some flavours are still available from stock from the earlier concept
By the way, we still have some flavours available from stock from our old concept. These include all the flavours in the Special Offers category, but also delicious flavours from our constant range such as Vanilla Custard by Capella in 118ml.

Not all manufacturers are available in the new concept
Every new beginning unfortunately also means having to let go of the old. In our case, this affected some 10ml sizes as we no longer produce. In addition to Vampire Vape, Dr Fog and Tasty Puff, which we had already sold off before, T-Juice, Meiwei and Atmoslab are unfortunately also no longer in our product range. FlavourArt is also missing at the moment, but we are working on a solution to be able to offer these delicious flavours from Italy again.

We are very excited to hear how you like the new concept!
Thank you very much and have a nice evening
Your Flaywer Team

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