About us

Flaywer is specialized in flavors for 8 years - hence the unusual name. For 8 years we offer you a large and growing number of different flavors.

To offer you an even larger assortment, with more bottle sizes and more attractive prices, we do this since September 2021 no longer as a classic online store, but rather do the order placement / payment and customs processing from the various manufacturers and countries. You order as usual with us and receive all items duty paid, just as you are used to from us. However, from now on only in original bottles from the manufacturer and due to the new concept with 3-4 weeks delivery time.

With this new concept, we want to offer you an even more exciting range in the future, with products that were previously difficult to offer.

The flavors we offer you are designed for a variety of applications. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all of our flavors are food flavors. All cake bakers, cocktail mixers, milkshake shakers, ice cream makers can let their imagination run wild. Whether our flavors are suitable for your specific purpose, we ask to check in advance.

Now we wish you a good time exploring and discovering and hope you have fun!
Your Flaywer Team



All our flavors come in original bottles from the respective manufacturer, so you can be sure to get exactly what the manufacturer created. We don't re-bottle.

Large selection

We offer over 1000 food flavors in different bottle sizes between 10ml and 3785ml. This means that there are no limits to your imagination and saves your money compared to many small bottles.


On par with the customer is the quality of our flavors to give you the best possible taste experience. Almost all manufacturers we offer have been active in the market for a long time and are used and appreciated by many customers worldwide.